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Patricia Gange

Patricia Gagné has had a distinguished academic career.  Both high school valedictorian and summa cum laude college graduate, she holds a Masters Degree in Education.  During a thirty-year career as a teacher, she taught AP classes in languages, history and government and spearheaded a program for gifted students in Atlanta area schools.

Raised a Catholic, Patricia explored and has been an active participant in a variety of religions, from Quakerism to Religious Science.  She has practiced yoga and meditation from a wide spectrum of traditions and is a certified yoga instructor and volunteer at local libraries, churches and assisted living centers.

As a professional photographer, Patricia creates painted portraits of dancers, children and families.  Her work has appeared in fine art publications, museums and galleries around the country.  She lives in Georgia with her husband, Walt.

The Heroic Self
Copyright ©2013 by Patricia Gagné
Published by KB Ink

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Photographs with chapter text
                   Header and poem cards – Patricia Gagné
Chapter 19 – H. Lee Shapiro
Chapter 17 – Amanda Longee
Chapters 14, 25, 27 – Mike Thomas
All other chapters – Karen Bonaudi

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  1. Tami Godfrey says:

    Patricia from what little I read here is BEAUTIFUL! I’m going out today to buy the book!! I’m going through a very difficult time right now and some of the poems put a warm smile on my face!

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