Chapter 11


Anger can be a healthy response to what is damaging to our wellbeing.  It is a natural reaction that energizes us and promotes change, leading to a return to harmony in our lives.  But anger is incompatible with loving feelings and must be acted upon and released, restoring the peaceful consciousness we all seek.

When something hurtful or harmful to the individual occurs, a healthy spirit will feel a sense of anger.  Being physically or mentally harmed should arouse a response in us that leads to our putting a stop to the offense.  In simple cases, someone closes a door on your finger, you cry in dismay, they profusely apologize, you get over it.

Unfortunately, unhealthy responses to being hurt can become a serious problem. It can happen that whoever hurt you might not be sorry.  They might fail to feel a normal apologetic response.  They might even be glad they hurt you, for whatever reasons.  It is also possible that what causes you harm might be impersonal, an act of nature, which rarely expresses regret.  The point is that when we feel anger, we often do not get responses that would help us heal.

On the other hand, it could be that when our sense of well-being is violated, we ourselves might be unable to feel a healthy response.  Someone could take advantage of us and we could feel glad to have helped them get what they want.  We could get yelled at and turn away, succeeding in feeling nothing.  At least, it might seem that way.  But harm will result from blocking an appropriately angry response.

It is important to set our minds straight about how we respond to what harms us.  We need to acknowledge our anger where it is appropriate and to express it in a healthy way.  Then it is up to us to actively seek the love and comfort that will further dissolve the anger we feel.  Friends who express support and compassion can help us regain a sense of balance.  Quiet times in peaceful, natural settings, curling up under warm covers with a book, doing anything we love to do, is healing.  Such positive experiences are all the more effective as we consciously direct them toward the healing of our pain.

There is no hurt too great to be healed, no heart too angry to be restored to its natural resiliency and sense of order.  We have the power to deal with situations that cause anger in a healthy way. We can connect with the harmony and peace at the center of our being.


Let day begin
with a curve
of the back
lifted to life

Speckled light
on pillow softness

Tangled hair
tickling lightly
while toes
in anticipation
of the new day

As radiator warmth
blends with bed-body heat
to soften anger’s icy hold.


The universe surrounds me with what I need to deal with anger, heal hurts and find peace in my life.

I recognize that anger directs me to my own good.  It energizes me to move away from harm.  I release anger as it serves its purpose and fills no further need in my life.

The world is a natural environment for my healing.  I use anger well and release it freely, returning to the peaceful consciousness it is my nature to seek.


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