Chapter 12


The most violent enemy of the contentment, peace and joy that make life worthwhile is depression. Anger turned inward ravages the center of affections we call the heart. Only with release of our anger and the comfort of loving support can inner balance and love of life be restored.

Almost everyone has experienced some form of depression in the sense of feeling “down,” discouraged about our ability to find happiness in life. But we realize that some ups and downs, some sadness and disappointment are a necessary part of life. It is the debilitating effect of chronic depression that destroys our ability to live well, primarily because of our sense of helplessness in controlling our inner lives.

Psychology teaches that depression can be combatted through the use of drugs, electro-shock therapy or by dealing with the anger we have turned toward ourselves. The difficulties involved in releasing anger and healing our hearts are often so great that many give up the hope of restoring the natural harmonies of a healthy life. They simply try to alter the body’s chemistry to achieve a balanced state of mind and spirit.

Since depression often represents our anger at past hurts, the kind of healing we need to deal with it involves a revisiting of these hurtful experiences. We need a healthy release of the anger and the feeling that we are forgiven for our mistakes. We need to believe that our inner beings are cherished by whatever is good in the universe. All of this represents a tremendous challenge.

One reason why depression is so hard to deal with is that it is rooted in the feeling that the fault lies in ourselves. Why did we allow this to happen to us? Why were we unable to defend ourselves against so much hurt? And why can we not lift ourselves from the weight that overwhelms us from within? Criticism is painful to everyone, but when someone else finds fault with us, we tend to put most of the blame on their error. When we are our own accuser, as in depression, there seems no escape from our pain.

The most effective thing we can do to deal with depression is to take one step in the right direction. We know we must release the anger. There are books, doctors, friends, spiritual resources which can help us. There are sources of positive energy, like fresh air and exercise, which give us strength to deal with our pain. We must, above all, believe that the simplest beginning in dealing with the problem is the beginning of our hope. There is laughter and love around us. Let us believe that it can be ours tomorrow.


Let us remember
laughter that
runs in rivulets
like a tear

Love that
shines through
like a smile

And faith that
filled with tenderness
will touch us
in the night.


The universe holds me in its arms, listens to my hurts and heals my heart.  I have only to open myself to the truth of the divine goodness in and around me.

Whatever has hurt me is part of my past.  I have the power to be free from anything that threatens my happiness today.  I have the power to believe in a better tomorrow.

All good and right thinking is given freely.  I let it heal my heart, one day at a time, and restore the hope that is a natural part of all life.


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