Chapter 6


Have you considered lately what you want in life?  Most people’s first reaction to this question is to bypass the true issue with superficial answers like to “get rich,” to “be successful,” or to “stay young forever.”  But what is really being asked goes much deeper.  Only when we understand our innermost selves and the needs and desires that motivate our actions, can we fully comprehend what will bring us the satisfaction of living well.

We all know instinctively that there are longings that come from deep within ourselves.  Some of us feel the need to develop a talent like music or mathematics.  Others take great pleasure in creating something that is beautiful or a product that functions effectively.  When we discover our own unique variety of talents and desires, we are in a position to find and enjoy the good we want in our lives.

Think back to the relatively uncluttered world of your childhood when outside demands intruded so much less in your mental life.  What inner stirrings existed for you?  Think back to an activity that brought joy, that you sense came not from sharing with a loved person or from praise earned from others.  What was one thing that you naturally did when left alone that filled you with pleasure and satisfaction?  Imagine how you felt when you were acting out those desires.  Then you will rediscover an essential part of your being.  You will see a direction in which you can find what you are seeking.

Why are such feelings so important to recognize and fulfill?  Because it is our nature to do so.  They come from within, from our connection with a universal power, rather than from our environment.  Of course, they may be encouraged or discouraged from the outside.  A parent’s interest in woodwork could help a child develop a desire he already has to build something beautiful.  But it is the child’s intrinsic desire that leads to fulfillment.

Once we discover the longings that are primary to our being and once we understand that our deepest desires are part of a greater whole, we will naturally move toward making our dreams come true.  We can recapture and develop the joy and satisfaction we knew earlier in life.  We can become one with universal right action.  This is the way to “get rich,” “be successful,” and “stay young forever.”

Did you ever wish you were young
and want to dream dreams
so real
they would take your breath away?

I myself wish I had a heart
so safe
its dreams would go on smiling
breathing life to my life
no matter how old I might grow.

Yet I know there are dreams
for the young and the old
that draw willing minds
to reach to the soul
and bring our lives to them.


I am part of a greater consciousness that draws me toward a full life. Thus arise my interests, my desires, my dreams. These are my most precious possessions because they show me the path to my greater good.

I take the time to look within to the source of my longings. In my innermost being I find an understanding of the needs and desires I must fulfill to live life well.

Knowing that my deepest desires are finite parts of the Infinite Whole, I realize that they, too, are right and good and that all nature and life converge to help me make my dreams come true.


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