Chapter 26

Healing Our Bodies

Staying healthy is a matter of calming the body and spirit so that the natural harmonies of the universe can function.  The stress-inducing emotions – fear, anger, hatred – cause feverish activity in the physical system and induce disease.  By learning to draw upon the calming and harmonious universal order, we can maintain the healthy bodies we are intended to enjoy.

The first step to good health is to recognize when the way we respond to our experience is harmful.  Dealing with traffic provides a good example.  When someone stops short in front of us, it is easy to get hostile.  We can let the body join in with angry gestures and full mobilization of our adrenaline resources.  We can shout and curse.  In fact, there is almost no end to the turmoil we can develop in our minds and bodies. How many of us coolly consider what might have caused the problem?  How many quickly reject the idea of a personal affront?

If we wish to do so, we can look within and feel what angry reactions do to the physical system.  Every molecule in our being seems to be racing, frantically rushing to a goal not yet in sight.  It is as if all inside us is going in different directions with collision imminent.  Natural harmony, the easy flow of life-giving breath and blood, is interrupted.  We feel out of control.

While such reactions are a necessary part of life, habitual negative thinking is damaging to our health.  How long after a trying moment in traffic does it take us to regain our calm?  How long is it before our blood pressure and breathing return to normal?  Do we generally keep anger in our minds, going over and over the cause of the upset?  When our reaction to life’s irritations causes lasting turmoil in our systems, we are literally making ourselves ill.

There are countless ways to regain the mental and emotional calm that allows the body to function naturally.  But the simplest and most generally useful technique for calming the mind and body is deep breathing.  When we break away from a frantic mental state, drawing in long breaths and exhaling slowly, the calming effect is startling.  It is even more effective if we focus on the thought of drawing strength from the divine order that surrounds us and then releasing the fear and disorder we are feeling inside.

The natural order of the universe is in and all around us.  We have only to draw on its strength, breathing into our lives the harmony that leads to vibrant health, releasing the negative thinking that is damaging to body and soul.  We can make a conscious choice to sustain the calm that brings us the mental and physical health we desire


She takes the quiet sounds
draws them in with her breath
listening, intent
for the song
that stills fear.

She takes the calming air
breathing into her life
and draws on the strength
that heals hurt.

She holds the breath of life
lets it into her soul
sensing her oneness
with the healing whole

And breathes through her being
the music of life
of quiet order
and comfort
healing body and soul.


The universe is a healthy system that functions harmoniously. My mind and body are part of this universal order. It is my nature to be healthy.

I hold in my mind the harmonies of the healthy life I desire, replacing negative thinking with a peaceful consciousness that allows my body to function smoothly.

My body, mind and universal order are one. I breathe into
my being the divinity that surrounds me, bringing life to
my life and calm to body and soul.


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