Chapter 1

The Heroic Self

The great heroic quality of life is the ability to choose what we will be in spite of any obstacle from within or without.  Once we are in control of our lives, we will inevitably choose what is best.  Only the confused and damaged spirit moves toward what is harmful to itself or to others.  The greatness of the human spirit lies in developing the consciousness that empowers us to see clearly, make wise choices, and direct our lives toward what is good.

How do we know that people who are in control of their minds and actions will necessarily turn toward the good?  Because the good is constructive.  For example, children who are given a set of building blocks normally want to build something with them.  But the child who is angry is more likely to smash what has taken hours to create and then cry for the loss.  Such a consciousness is “out of control” and has acted against its own interest.  Adults follow the same pattern.  People in a room with a book or magazine normally look at it to see what it has of interest for them.  Only a confused and disoriented mind starts by tearing it up.  It is instinctive for people to do what is in their own interest, what is good for them, as long as their choices are guided by a harmony with their true nature.

Yet we are discussing the “heroic quality” of choice.  Why would it be heroic for a person to do what comes naturally?  Because the nature of the world around us makes it unavoidable that we sometimes become confused, make mistakes, even enjoy acting destructively.  Often it feels easier to give ourselves over to negative thoughts and feelings than to try to set matters straight, clarify what the real issues are, and seek the truth.

The heroic quality is a disciplined effort to develop a consciousness that is able to see clearly.  Each day of our lives we make decisions about how to react, how to behave or to react to the events of our lives.  When others appear unreasonable, do we let anger dominate and retaliate swiftly?  Or do we let good sense prevail and think of the best way to handle the situation?  Heroes will choose their reaction.  Each response based in truth, which is the good of all, strengthens our ability to live well.

The capacity to be heroes is in the nature of all of us.  But we must reach for the heroic quality every day, choosing the thoughts, emotions and actions that lead to our own good and to that of the world around us.


What if it should rain
in torrents
and the nourishing force
could crush
what struggles to grow,
like new spring buds
in a land of revolution?

What if I can never be
what I want
and trying play the fool
giving so much to care
like a loveless child
still believing in life?

And then the child grew
to cultivate beds of roses?


I live in a universe which creates instinctive longings for goodness, truth and the well-being of all mankind.  I have the power to bring these qualities into my life.

Knowledge of right action and the courage to follow through on such clear thought lie within me.  As I turn to that source of wisdom, the good decisions I make bring me closer to the power for good in my life.

True desire and sincere effort join with the natural wisdom and goodness within me. I can develop the heroic spirit and the fulfilled life of my dreams.


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  1. karen knosher says:

    Beautiful Patricia.

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