Chapter 9

Learning to Change

Everyone wants to change something. There is always some aspect of our lives that is unsatisfactory, some way that we sense a need to repair what is hurt or to grow beyond our present reality. And indeed, change is always taking place, whether we seek it or not. The issue is whether or not we are willing to make the effort necessary to control that change.

The rock opera “Tommy” expresses what most people want from change: “See me, feel me, touch me, heal me.” We long to be changed through the love and comfort of an outside power. In this way we bypass the need to understand the nature of our problems and to take the responsibility for dealing with them. It is natural to hope that solutions to our problems will arise from beyond the selves that are in trouble rather than from that source of truth within all of us.

Yet, this behavior leaves us as children at the mercy of the known or unknown powers that might choose to satisfy our needs and desires. Empowerment lies in the knowledge that changes in ourselves can be understood and largely controlled. We can become aware of the forces that cause change and learn how these forces can be used to create the kind of changes we want in our lives.

The way we think is deeply affected by the experiences that our minds process. What we choose to read, from inspirational literature to mystery novels, what we consistently hear, from formal lectures to gossip, the movies and television we choose to see, uplifting or depressing, all represent new information that changes what we are, how we think, how we feel. We can control a great deal of what we make a part of our thinking.

Not only can we control what we put into our minds, we can alter the way we process such outside experience. Every idea, act or sensation becomes what it means to us through an interaction of the outside input and the nature of our consciousness. As we make the effort to reach for the positive in our lives, we gradually build an inner life that sees our experience in the best possible light and responds naturally to what enriches our being. We can also use meditation and affirmations to develop a consciousness that leads us to constructive living.

We can largely control both what we choose to take into our minds and hearts and the inner reality that interacts with outside experience. The strength and resilience of our consciousness grows with our concerted efforts to bring into our thinking what supports our growth and well-being. We can all live lives of our own creation.


I cry for myself, for my safe arrival
in a land of my own creation,
where satisfaction needs no echo
and joy is its own stimulation.

I celebrate the death of hungry need
and a new life of calming passion
for what frees and fulfills
longings that feed the heart.

I salute every simple step
thousands and thousands of moves
from homelessness to enfoldment
in loving arms of my own creation.


The universe is designed for change and life is filled with energy and vitality that overcome all impediment.

As part of this universal whole, I feel the power within me to create the beautiful and fulfilling life I desire.  I take charge of my life, turning toward experience that frees and enriches my being.

I own my own self and rejoice in every simple step that brings me to the satisfying life I desire.


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