Chapter 18

Mother Love

It is natural for mothers to love with a depth and passion that exceed life itself, and every child longs to be the recipient of such immense and enriching care. Yet the complexities of life interfere with our giving and receiving the nurture of mother love.

For both boys and girls, there are needs that only a father can meet. However, there is a sense that a mother’s love is even more essential to a child’s emotional well-being. We believe mother love to be so deep and unquestioning that no matter what the sin, no matter how great the failure, a mother will see what is good in her child. Experience shows us that this expectation is often justified, especially in times of great disappointment and pain.

The unique bond between mother and child begins, of course, in the womb. Under the best circumstances, the love between marriage partners is extended and enriched by the existence of this incarnation of their passion. As the child grows from the nurture of her own body, mothers feel the harmony of their existence together, for a time as one. Then the pain of childbirth adds an intensity to the love, as so much is given so that another might live. Thus it should be, and so on through the child’s life, in the best of all possible worlds.

But life is not so easy, and intensity of feeling can easily go awry as diverse pressures weaken our ability to be all our children need. Indeed, a parent’s feeling for her child can even become destructive to them both. Sometimes mothers turn to children for the fulfillment they lack in their own lives. Sometimes a child’s needs can become impossible to meet. There are, unfortunately, too many cases where mother love turns to manipulation, disappointment or rage.

We all feel that our mothers should love us, understand us and be supportive of our endeavors. And we believe that they should forgive us our faults. Mothers should rise above any difficulty, overcome any obstacle to be the center of a loving family life that is so dear to us. But mothers are human.

There is no other being in the world who has a stronger bond with us than a mother who loves us more than life itself. Yet the closeness begun in the womb as a natural part of life is not so easily maintained. Let us recall the early harmonies and draw strength from them. Let us reach to what would have been easy and natural, had all life been good.


While peaceful plant life lives
and fills the air
slowly stirring
under softened lamp light,

She sings herself to sleep
with a gentle song,
special harmony
in tune with her needs.

And she slowly rocks the child
that sleeps already
comfortably at rest
in her heart of hearts,

As she feels a deep peace
alone with herself
and the child, mirrored
reflections of silent harmonies.


All nature cries for the expression of love between mother and child. The very creation of life binds them.

I sense the loving bond with she who gave me life. I recall the harmonies of an earlier day and the care that kept me safe. I hold close to my being all the tenderness of mother love.

The universe gives life and heals all who love, but especially mother and child who share most deeply the communion of all life.


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