Chapter 15


There are hungers of mankind that long to be satisfied by the rich healing qualities of romantic love. The magnetism of such longings between two beings can be among life’s most thrilling and satisfying experiences. Yet passion, while capable of healing hurts and comforting man’s intrinsic loneliness, is also more than likely to cause devastation along with joy. Our only hope for behaving wisely in these matters is to direct the development of our inner selves over a long period of time, fostering a healthy consciousness that longs for its own good.

Passionate love involves a powerful attraction, unparalleled happiness, and an excitement that goes to the core of our being. Not only does the beloved appear in the best possible light, we do also, and indeed the whole world puts its best foot forward. Rainfall becomes a cooling refreshment, while the sun warms us to the core of our being, creating a zest for all aspects of life. Being in love makes us feel good, valuable, worthy of esteem. It is safety from disappointment and failure. It is a world unto itself.

Naturally all right-thinking people would want to stay “in love” all the time, if it were not for the side effects. Insecurity, jealousy, fear of loss—all hover in the background. There are many sources of such feelings. Doubts may arise from instinctive warnings that the object of our passion may not be worthy of our devotion. Or we may simply not fully trust what was given so inexplicably. Life experience teaches that passion is not durable. The joy of passion is mitigated by lucid moments which reveal the imperfections and complications of real life.

The other fundamental problem with what can be among the most beautiful of life experiences is that we often long to fill every need, every hope, every weakness with such passion. We seek our power outside ourselves—to heal our hurts, to make us the beautiful beings we aspire to be. Unfortunately, in the process, we can lose the very selves we seek to perfect. We become enslaved, prisoners to the desire to please or to fill the desires of the beloved. Yet, this need not be the case.

Passionate love, like all longings, arises from the nature of our consciousness, and we can direct our passions by controlling what we ourselves are. Once we realize that falling in love is an urge to satisfy our inner selves, we have a new power over our lives. We can work to create a consciousness that attracts the positive and healthy qualities of our own spirit.

We are capable of being the kind of person who loves and is loved well, whose passions arise from a positive consciousness. We can learn to be the most loving of creatures who deserves only what mirrors the beauty of our own spirit.


From deep within the warmth
of shared comfort and joy
we heard our heart’s longing-

“I was once so alone,”
we said, just as one,
and our hearts moved to sing

As the rich sounds of life
of music and our laughter
healed what was hurt

And the strains of our symphony
filled every part of that world
where violin passion feeds life.


The universe is filled with the kind of love that enriches my life.  It is always ready to draw to me the happiness and fulfillment I desire.

I recognize my ability to be in charge of my feelings.  I am not the victim of an unknown, outside force that controls my inner life, nor am I the victim of passionate feelings that are destructive to my good.

The loves of my life mirror the strength of my inner self.  I am a loving being who deserves the fulfillment of my deepest desires for good.


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