I believe that we have the capacity to heal our inner selves by drawing on the healthy energy intrinsic to our being. The grace and harmony of a peaceful spirit is in our nature. The ideas, imagery and poetry in this book are designed to help us as we meet life’s challenges. They remind us of the power within and of our ability to draw upon it to lead the lives we desire.

Most of us have a sense of spiritual resources within ourselves. We have turned to prayer, connecting our inner spirit with a higher power. We have sensed the healing power of a place of worship, a community of worshippers, the power of ritual. Many have used yoga and meditation to connect with their deepest selves. The difficulty lies in learning to make the connection between our spiritual resources and our daily lives day by day, hour by hour, as we live our lives.

This book presents a vision of life where our innermost self is our greatest strength. The potential for healing and creative growth lie at the heart of our being. We can heal our hurts and let our lives reflect the beauty and harmony within.





Patricia Gagné

One Response to Preface

  1. Jack Sullivan says:

    Ive lived most of what your book is about and i totally agree with what you have said about having the inner strength to heal ourselves,maybe not a hundred percent which is true in most peoples lives,but enough to get through life and make the best of it…like they say if youve made a mess of things and cant fix it,you have to take it to the grave and bury it along side you.

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