Chapter 19

The Quality of Grace

The grace of ballerinas and of the most holy of souls lies at the heart of all of us. We are attracted to the physical and spiritual grace around us because it is in our nature to draw beauty to ourselves, to let it become a part of our being, joining our potential for grace and beauty more closely with the goodness of the universe.

Physical grace is most often associated with movement. There is an animal grace, as seen in dance, that embodies the lack of hindrance, the ease, and the dignity we seek in life. In the same way, the heart lifts to see ships glide on peaceful waters, part of the natural flow of sun and sea. We are transported by the lilt and fluidity of such effective and unimpeded movement. We feel the natural harmonies and beauty of a world that exudes the grace we seek in our lives.

Spiritual grace is most often associated with godliness or goodness. Certain people exude wisdom and loving kindness that seems to rise above the human condition. Such spiritual giants are venerated and their teachings taken up as models for the lives of others who long to draw this goodness into their own existence.

Yet both physical and spiritual grace manifest themselves in our lives every day. Think of actions in your own life that are filled with the sureness of a goal well set and the comfort that that goal can be easily achieved. Such acts need not be extraordinary ones. A mother taking a crying child into her arms is most graceful, as is a salesperson showing a product with a smile. Comfort, dignity, accomplishment – such qualities fill an action with grace and thus lend beauty to all of us as they are embodied in our lives.

In the same way, gracefulness of spirit arises from an understanding of what is true and good and from our efforts to bring those qualities more fully into our lives. Like the great religious leaders, we are all capable of joining with a higher power that informs us of the path to take and gives us the courage to proceed along that path. This is the essence of grace. As we possess it, that quality of goodness or godliness shines through our existence.

We, all of us, are the most beautiful of creatures in potential. Every time we act with accomplishment or reach within ourselves for the truth that lies in every heart, we are filled with grace. And day by day, the grace of such living becomes a larger part of our lives and glows from within.


My world will be sculpted
by hands filled with grace.

And life will arise
from moments of peace
moving freely,

Finite part of infinite whole
drawn from my part of life’s mind.


I am drawn to the beauty of the universe because it fulfills longings in my deepest self. Any bird’s flight reflects the natural movement of my spirit. I am one with universal grace.

I move in comfort and dignity through my day, feeling the certainty that I know where I am going and that I have the innate ability to accomplish my goals.

There is beauty, dignity and strength all around me and in my deepest soul. I long for it and allow it to move me, with the ease of the greening lawn, toward what enriches my soul.


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