Chapter 2

The Harmonies of Life­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

There are natural harmonies in the universe. What is within us patterns the external realities of our existence, creating a correspondence between our internal and external selves. There can be only temporary conflict between the nature of our consciousness and the way in which our lives are lived. Our minds will make our lives what we think they should be.

Many people misunderstand this universal law of correspondence. They believe that when there is calm and ease in their external lives, they will experience a resultant peaceful state in their hearts. Thus they wait for things to go well so that they can enjoy life. It is true that internal and external peace are related. But the central point to understand is that it is the internal, the mind, which creates the external, the world around us.In harmony with Central Park

To understand how our minds create the nature of our existence, let us consider the joy parents so often take in observing a sleeping child. The pleasure of it comes from within. While a joyful heart fills the experience with peace, a heart filled with fear might experience anxiety in such a situation, imagining all the possible harm that might come to this beautiful creature. Our experience mirrors our consciousness. The warmth and comfort of family life is a reflection of the love we hold in our hearts.

In the same way, minds not at peace with themselves create conflict. There would be no war, no family feuds, no heated arguments without angry minds. Most people agree that conflicts are caused by certain individuals who are motivated by anger and fear. But they believe that most of us, far from causing the problem, merely suffer from situations others have created. Few accept responsibility for the role of their own negative thinking in creating the problems in their lives.

Yet the realities of all experience arise from within. For example, to one individual war might represent an opportunity to reflect the hate in his heart by taking advantage of wartime to hurt others. To another it might mean courage in maintaining the safety of fellow citizens. To a third, it might mean learning and new opportunities for growth. The internal realities of each individual largely determine the nature of their external experience. External conditions, no matter how seemingly or essentially negative, will adapt themselves to our consciousness.

The mind is cause to all else. Once we understand that there is an inevitable harmony between our thinking and our lives, we can bring all the good things we want into our existence. It is a long, cumulative process, but it is an immutable law of the universe.


The silence
I said was yours
grew from within.

The anger
that lived in your heart
lay in mine.

The fears
drawn from your gut
filled my stomach, my heart, my life.

Your weakness
in my limbs
kept me from walking away.

I played the fool
it seemed your fool
until I found
it was me.


There is a harmony in the universe that makes it possible for me to create the life I want.

My life is my own creation. The anger and meanness that exist in the world around me need not become a part of my inner life. I have the power to draw to myself what is good.

I rejoice in my ability to create a beautiful life in the image of my thought with all the power of the universe to make it so.


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