Chapter 10

The Power of the Universe

Humankind knows that there is a principle whereby solutions to problems appear. Issues are resolved when we open ourselves to the power of the universe—God, Universal Mind—whatever we might call such a force. The great religions of the world acknowledge this truth and encourage their members to give up the struggles of problem-solving to a higher power.

The reason for this general agreement is that we can all see the outward manifestation of this power or principle. Practically everyone has experienced feeling confused, frightened and unable to deal with a situation, turning to a higher power for a solution, and successfully resolving the issue. This is the essence of prayer in all religions. Not only does the way we deal with outward reality change, but so does the inner self. We experience peace and harmony when we create that channel of openness to spiritual power.

Other ways of relating to this higher power have been proposed through time. In the nineteenth century, Ralph Waldo Emerson proposed that humanity could best relate to God through interaction with nature and by connecting with the spiritual quality in our deepest selves. The Emersonian concept is that we all have access to the divine spirit that exists in the nature of all life.

What is most important is to open our hearts, to reach to the beauty and peace in and around us with serenity. This power is intrinsic in us and in the natural world around us. It will work its principles in and of itself. In order to connect with universal good, we work to create a peaceful and receptive mind which believes in our inner ability to know what is right and to create good in our lives.

The ability to open ourselves to the power for good in the universe is in our grasp. It is something we can learn to do, practice and increasingly use in an effective manner. Practical results encourage us. Gradually our ability to begin each day with a closeness to the universe deepens as a God-consciousness recreates our lives.

Using the power of the universe is a principle which works. The more we give to its discovery and practical application, the greater our ability to control our lives. The power to heal the body and the spirit is held in our minds and in our hearts. It is up to us to make it happen.


I take back my heart
and set it free
in a comfortable place
where sun pours lightly
into quiet morning sounds

Where steamy rain smells
sift through doors
open to life
and pleasures grow from one another
like daffodils in fertile ground

And where a cooling, light caress
reaches through evening
to hold through the night
all of its creatures
who have ever longed to sing.


My mind is a unique part of the divinity of the universe. It holds unlimited power to bring good into my life.

I know that that I can heal my hurts and create the existence I desire. I make the effort to connect with the healing power within.

It is my nature to live in harmony with the goodness of the universe. I choose to open myself to the divinity in and around me. I am one with the natural healing quality of all life.


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