Chapter 22

The Sensations of Life

The sounds, smells and touch of the world around us have tremendous power to heal and to enrich our lives. Yet the sensations of life are translated into our existence only to the extent that we are willing to receive them.

Our inner selves take in the beauty of the world around us when we take the time and energy to open ourselves to the sensual experiences that surround us. If we never open the window, we will never hear the birds sing. If sitting by a fire on a dreary day lifts our spirits, we need to carry in the wood. Yet doing what is necessary to fully experience the sensations of life is usually a pleasure in itself, as what we are about to feel, in anticipation, already exists in our minds.

One of the most soothing and satisfying experiences we can choose to enjoy is music. As we allow ourselves to become absorbed in musical energies, time flows by unnoticed, and the beauty of the universe becomes a part of our being. The stronger our focus on the sounds, the more powerful the reaction. We can feel our internal response. Our hearts expand, in thought, in remembered loss, in sheer joy. But it is all healing.

There are also comforting sounds and smells around us every day. We know most meals in preparation smell good. The more we focus on the pleasure of it, the more it enriches our spirit. And there is the accompanying clatter of dishes, running water, children wanting to know if “it’s ready yet.” These are all simple and lovely smells and sounds of daily life. As we take them for ourselves, sensing the life and love behind them, the joy is ours.

Each day holds endless opportunities to reach out to the comfort and pleasures of touch. We choose fabrics that feel good, but seldom focus on the sensations of feeling them—soft sheets and towels, dry clothes after a swim, a comfortable couch for a nap. Our lives are filled with people, young and old, who would happily enrich our lives with a hug. The world provides an endless supply of “touchables” for our fulfillment, and so close to our reach, like taking someone’s hand.

We determine how we relate to the world around us. As we make a conscious effort to enjoy all that is given freely by humanity and nature, our lives will be rich beyond belief. We have only to focus on the sensations of the things we love.


       This morning I awoke in Nature’s arms
       as she hummed a comforting strain.

       Her shoulders muscled in grass-filled hillock
       had softened where we’d lain.

       And lilac dew, our morning brew,
      quickened sleepy hearts

       As limbs entwined all through the night
      stretched and drew apart.


The sounds, smells and touch of the universe reach to me and enrich my spirit.

I rejoice in the sweetness of a remembered melody and in natural sounds like falling rain.

I love scented spring mornings and the freshness of air filled with falling snow.

I enjoy the sensations of daily life- children laughing, kitchen stoves filling the air with steam.

I take to my heart the richness of the universe that surrounds me.


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