Chapter 27

The Unity of Life

We have all opened our hearts to the peace and harmony of the natural world around us. Our memories remind us that the capacity to reach to the natural world for the comfort and strength we need to live life well exists at the heart of all of us. Sharing natural life satisfies the soul and we suffer when we are separated from this source of joy and strength.

Children instinctively know that nature provides what heals as well as what brings comfort and satisfaction to the mind and heart. They long to be outside, feeling the freeness of it, the opportunity for the spirit to roam, to find new excitements and treasures. What they also need is the freshness of the air, the sunlight glowing through trees, the hills to climb. They are drawing to themselves the sustenance of their souls.

As adults, we often lose sight of the good children naturally seek. We worry about what needs to be accomplished, what we must feverishly control. The letting-go of a youthful spirit seems very far away, the opening of the mind and heart to the simple beauties of the world around us no longer a natural function of life. Doing the laundry or working overtime seems more adult and valuable than a walk in the woods. We often genuinely believe that “there is no time.”

Yet there is a longing in all humankind for an intimacy between our own divine nature and the divinity in the world around us. Ralph Waldo Emerson so beautifully presented this point of view in his 19th century essays. He saw all life as part of a single whole, believing that man, nature and divinity are inextricably bound. Thus the ability of nature to enrich our lives is founded in the truth that nature, God and humanity are one.

Our own experience shows us that universal power permeates all existence. To grow and to heal are the nature of life. We share that natural right. To bring into our lives all the good we desire, we have only to create an opening in our deepest selves. And one of the best ways to do this is to allow ourselves to experience the comfort and inspiration of natural beauty.

We all seek the communion of the divinity that exists both in us and in the world we share. As we become closer to the life of the universe, we feel its tremendous healing potential for our inner selves. Believing in the unity and in the essential goodness of life, we can reach to the power in ourselves and in the world around us to create lives that reflect our divine intention.


Sweet sound of summer’s breath
vibrates, resounds, connects
whispering natural life
to awakened humanity
binding us together in a world
where we share life.

Rich sounds of growing life
swirl and swarm with the
fullness of day, boundless
expression of natural strength
giving life in gusts
to all who would hear

Soothing sounds of evensong
as life-filled night sings
the oneness of our world
breathing the beauty of life
back into the human soul
that listens from its heart.


There is a power in the universe that enriches my life. Its energy is in and all around me, filling my life with its strength.

I make the effort to expand my connection with the divinity of the universe, accepting and appreciating the beauty and the nourishing force of the natural world around me.

As I feel the unity of the power that exists in me and in the world around me, I learn to create a life filled with the harmony and peace I desire.


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